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Engage People With Brand Video Production

Brand video production is one of the most common video marketing projects for many businesses.  Often when a company approaches us for video production services, they are looking to create an overview video of their company that they can use on their website, at a conference, during a sales pitch or for one of their social media channels.  Brand videos are an essential marketing tool, because it’s a great way to engage an audience through storytelling.

Company Overview Videos

  • An overview video gives the audience a visual overview of your company’s history
  • Adding an About Us video to your website or landing page increases the likelihood of lead conversions by over 75%.
  • Provide insight of company culture for the viewer and feature different department within your business.
  • We produce motion graphics to go hand and hand with visuals onscreen to effectively convey additional information.

Video Production Is Essential For Marketing in 2017

Company Services Video

  • Showcase your company services by providing viewers with a look at your best company assets.
  • Highlight different features from your company’s portfolio for investors and buyers alike.
  • Show multiple company locations in a company brand video and use maps and GeoCoordinates display proximity to each other.
  • Voiceovers help to tell the story and animated graphics supplement the video with additional production value.

Let Animated Videos Tell Your Story!

Instructional Videos

  • Animation provides a way to produce a instructional videos that can showcase particular scenes that traditionally would be hard to shoot.
  • Create different environments to cut cut costs on shooting video at multiple locations.
  • Motion graphics and typography blend well with animation creating effective animated infographic videos.
  • Animation works well for all industries to showcase an instructional video that introduces a specific service or product for your company.

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