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Engage Viewers With Event Video Production

Event video production combines the technical expertise of videography with with a rapid pace environment where there are no second chances. There are all types of event videos including keynote speakers, charity events, public relation parties, sports, ceremonial events and so much more.

Our event videographers are experienced and trained to bring your event video to life with a documentary style highlight video that tells your story. Already have video footage, pictures and music but need help putting it together? We can provide the editing and motion graphics to produce a polished event video.

Business Team Building Events

  • Capture video of your team building events like competitions, receptions, parties and celebrations.
  • Document workshops, breakout meetings, lectures, conferences and meetings for future training videos.
  • Stream fashion shows, music festivals, trade shows, presentations, tournaments, auctions and more to the world.
  • Event video production is engaging content that produces views and likes for Social Media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Capture memories for a lifetime!

Event Promo Video

  • Promote your upcoming event with a highlight video that recaps previous events and motion graphics to provides event information.
  • Adding video to your landing page of and up-coming event or conference can increase the average signup 85% over traditional pictures and text.
  • Promo videos can be displayed on multiple social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to direct people to an event signup page.
  • Use professional voiceovers, soundtrack music and/or interview soundbites to tell the overall story of the video.

We Are Your Event Video Production Team!

Charity Event Video

  • Engage your audience to help raise awareness for an important cause with event video.
  • Document your next event to and display a recap with highlights on your website or use to promote for the next event.
  • Stream your charity event live on YouTube or Facebook and host your own live performance with multiple camera angles.
  • Use different genres like drama or comedy scriptwriting to promote awareness based on the subject matter surrounding your charity event.

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