Engage Viewers With Video Marketing

Video marketing is a tactic which many businesses are using more frequently these days and with great success. With the proper video technique, you can highlight your services and products, and do so in a creative manner which holds the attention of the viewer. Video marketing enables the business to elaborate on what it offers to customers and let them know in an easy-to-understand manner why they should choose your business to answer their service and product needs.

Why You Need to Utilize Video Marketing

The first thing you need to do in order to understand why video marketing is imperative for your business is to look at the statistics. Those who use video marketing obtain 66% more qualified leads each year. Plus, companies that use video for marketing obtain a 54% increase in brand awareness. When you use video marketing as a marketing strategy, you are grabbing the attention of Internet users and getting your brand name out there, which ultimately leads to new business and more revenue.

In addition, it’s a great way to further detail your products and offerings. A lot of times, you really need to see a product or service in motion or put a face to a particular brand. Also, it’s a great way to establish rapport with potential clients and current customers and create that optimal trust factor more quickly in this manner than through written content. Marketing with video allows you to do so and accomplish these goals in an easy and efficient manner.

Google search rankings and click through rate increase on websites that use video

How Video Marketing Works

When you decide to use video marketing to boost your business and highlight your offerings, you need to determine what type of video marketing route you want to pursue. The video can be a general display of your products and services, highlight a specific event or offering and other video options. An advertisement video can be put on YouTube or displayed via cross-channel advertising to reach its intended audience.

In addition, the video can be integrated with other types of Internet marketing, such as a website, social media, email marketing and landing/product pages, to help sales funnel. When you have a multi-faceted digital marketing plan in place, including video marketing, you are doing everything you can to promote your business, gain new customers and increase sales.

Plush Marketing Agency can help you with your video marketing needs by creating the high-quality video content in keeping with your brand message and overall goals. The knowledgeable Plush Marketing team will carefully evaluate your video marketing needs, construct a plan, create exceptional videos and monitor the results through analytics to let you know how well your video marketing campaign is doing overall. From informational videos about your service or product to specific ads attached to additional marketing methods, the Plush Marketing staff will take your video marketing goals and turn them into a realistic and successful video marketing campaign.

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