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The power of the web has leveled the playing field for businesses of all sizes. Smaller companies can compete with larger firms when websites are designed, developed and optimized correctly. Selecting the right website development company is an extremely important decision for a business of any size.

For companies looking to stand out from their competition, a more in-depth tailored approach to website development is a must. A custom website design is crucial to the website development process. A Website that presents attractive graphic designs is more likely to engage visitors for a longer period of time. The more time people spend on your website, the higher the chance for your company to make a sale, obtain a lead or create a goal oriented conversion. Customizing your website also allows you to layout a design that is conducive to your audience. Understanding the way your audience uses the web will dictate the look of your navigation and where to display your call to actions.

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Our Website Development Process

There are many steps to creating a brand centric, visually stunning and optimized website with great content. There are no shortcuts to creating a dynamic web presence. Every step of the process has a specific purpose:

Research & Development – The most important part of website development is the work that goes into the website before development actually begins. Understanding your business, brand, and target audience is the cornerstone on which your website must be built.

Website Design – In the design phase, factors such as branding, website platform (WordPress, Joomla BigCommerce), color schemes, and navigation of your website are decided. The quality of the design hinges directly on the R&D work performed prior to this step in the process.

Content Development – While traffic-stopping visuals will do much of the marketing for you, the real test will be in the quality, structure, and optimization of the content on your website. The copy will need to both inform its readers and inspire action, while containing the keywords search engines require to raise your SEO rankings.

Coding – In order for your website to function properly, expertly administered coding is required. Coding allows your website to function properly for visitors to navigate web pages, watch videos, listen to audio, maker purchases, search for information and share content. Quality coding is key for an enhanced web experience to complete sales transactions and increase website conversions.

Website Launch – This stage of the website development process is like the unwrapping of a beautifully packaged gift. Your site has been tested and perfected, and now you must strategically share it with the rest of the online world.

Choose Your Website Development Partner Wisely

Since your website is the foundation of all your digital marketing efforts, it needs to be comprehensive in scope, so it’s prepared to meet your business needs now and into the foreseeable future. A custom website will adapt to grow with your business, and contain features that smart business owners know are too time consuming (even for the technically or creatively savvy) to implement themselves. Digital marketing agencies like Plush are based on relationships and extensive knowledge of the brands they serve. Getting to know your business and what you are trying to accomplish is exactly where we begin.

Get to know how a boutique agency like Plush can get the website in your head, live on the web.

To get started, please fill out our Website Creative Brief Questionnaire and one of our website consultants will contact you ASAP!

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