At the very core of content writing is communication. An effective content writer adds value to all aspects of a marketing strategy. Our team of writers at PLUSH Marketing, have the ability to write using various styles and produce effective original content. If you are looking to refresh your website, create an engaging video script or develop a branded marketing campaign, then we are the content producers for you!

Our Content Writing Services

Copywriting is influential writing that is used for marketing. The purpose of this form of content, is to tell the story of your brand and in many cases have the reader perform a specific action. Our copywriters can help you create brand awareness for new customers our produce content with an exact call to action (CTA). Examples of a CTA would be to purchase a product, sign up for a service, seek more information or contact a business.

Script Writing is responsive writing that utilizes a narrative to convey a message for an audience using video and/or audio. The purpose of a script writer is to develop a story structure and create an emotional connection to the content of the script. Script writing can be used for TV commercials, online video (website and social media), and radio commercials.

Our Content Writing Process

  • Research – We will provide you with a questionnaire to create our content outline. For website copywriting, we will also perform keyword research within your industry to sprinkle semantic keywords to help your page rank higher within search engines.
  • Writing – Our content writers will immerse themselves into the research and compose a first draft based on the flow of the content outline. At that point they will step away from the content and take a break.
  • Editing – With fresh eyes, our writers will perform a second pass to tighten up content, provide additional semantic value and check for errors. Once we finish the edit, we will deliver the content.

Writing Creatively With SEO In Mind

When you create content for an Internet marketing purpose, the number one goal should be to pique the interest of your reader. While there is value in writing for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), it should never be your main focus.  Our content writers know how to speak directly to a target audience, promote engaging ideas, spark dialogue and at the same time make the content SEO friendly. The technique we use involves research, writing and editing to produce quality written content. We strategically use semantically appropriate content to provide search engines the relevant information they need, while primarily engaging the reader.

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