Reach Your Audience With Corporate Marketing!

Our corporate marketing services help business of all sizes reach a larger number of potential clients online. Our digital marketing strategy is highly targeted to engage with your target audience based on demographics and psychographics. Our corporate clients at PLUSH utilize us as strategic marketing partners to implement digital media campaigns and to fulfil an a la carte need within their in-house content marketing team.

Our approach for corporate marketing includes website marketing, video production and social media marketing. We use a balanced method of tried and true tactics as well as cutting edge strategies to engage your target audience. Learn how we can help your company effectively communicate your message and ultimately increase revenue.

Corporate Marketing Web Design

Our corporate website design incorporates a clean modern look with an easy to use navigation. We have simplified the overall design process with the use of premium website layouts, to shorten the web development process considerably and to reduce the overall cost. Every website we create is optimized for both desktop and mobile devices. This produces a user friendly experience for your audience to find the information they need.

Structure is vital to the success of a corporate website online and the ability for it to evolve overtime. Detailed planning of a websites workflow will lay the foundation to a successful online marketing strategy for your business.

Corporate Marketing Video Production

Corporate video production is where we produce various video assets for your overall corporate marketing campaign. Typically the type of videos we produce include promo videos, training videos, company overview videos, event videos, conference videos as well as other custom videos.

Our corporate video production services include an all encompassing video marketing strategy from concept to completion. Video production is separated into parts including pre-production, production and post production.

During pre-production we provide scriptwriting services to take your ideas and put them on paper. We can work with your in-house team to consult on video outlines and scriptwriting or produce this entirely for you. We will also work on scheduling production dates for shooting video and acquiring additional marketing assets. This development phase lays the foundation for translating a successful video concept into an engaging video resource.

Video production is when our corporate videographer will come to your location with production lighting, camera and audio equipment to capture your story. We will use videography techniques to record imagery with crisp focus and vivid colors. Throughout this process we will also take the time to acquire all existing marketing collateral and media (videos, pictures and graphics).

Video post-production is where the magic happens! Here our team of digital media producers will utilize a variety of video editing, graphic design and motion graphic techniques to produce a polished corporate video. Once complete, we will deliver the video in all desired video codecs for you to use online, in-house and at a conference or event.

Conference Event Videos

We produce video presentations for conferences and document the entire event.

Company Overview Videos

We produce a video that targets your audience and tells your company’s story.

Promotional Videos

We produce videos the promote products and/or services your company offers.

Training Videos

We produce training or how to videos for internal use or for your customers.

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Find out how we can manage and simplify your corporate marketing, to provide you more time doing what you do best! Our digital media producers will organize your current marketing, increase your customer reach and maximize your current marketing channels. Our corporate clients love how easily accessible we are day or night. Let’s start a conversation, and build a winning marketing strategy!

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