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Real Estate Marketing Services

Real estate is an extremely competitive industry. In order to sell office buildings, hotels, condos, apartments and luxury homes, you need to have a comprehensive online marketing strategy. Our real estate marketing services help agents, brokers and realtors dominate their local competition. By partnering with PLUSH Marketing and utilizing our digital media experience, you will be able to convert more real estate listings into sales.

Our high level real estate marketing services include website design, video production and social media marketing. Whether you are a sole proprietor real estate agent or have a growing real estate company, we can help you present your services and listings successfully to reach a highly targeted audience. Learn how we can help you increase revenue and start engaging with more potential new clients.

Real Estate Video Marketing

Connect with potential customers anywhere in the world 24/7! Showcase your properties with high quality video promotions or virtual tours. Engage your customers with your story and show them why you are the person or company that can make their real estate dreams a success.

Creating trustworthiness with potential new clients is essential when it comes to online marketing. Our real estate marketing video services provide you an effective way to build trust with your target audience. Video allows you the ability to convey your authority in the real estate industry, inspire confidence and create a person connection with people using verbal and non-verbal social cues.

We produce various marketing videos for your overall real estate marketing campaign. Many popular video styles include virtual tours, company overview and promotional videos.

Real Estate Photography

Imagery is everything when it comes to selling and renting real estate online. Our real estate photography services go beyond capturing images of an empty home. There is a reason why agents bake fresh cookies for an open house because it invokes emotion from the potential client. Our photographers primary focus is to create a story that achieves similar results by carefully crafting imagery with beautiful settings with real people.

Schedule A Consultation

Find out how we can manage and simplify your real estate marketing, to provide you more time doing what you do best! Our digital media producers will organize your current marketing, increase your customer reach and maximize your current marketing channels. Our real estate clients love how easily accessible we are day or night. Let’s start a conversation, and build a winning marketing strategy!

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