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Reach Buyers/Sellers With Real Estate Marketing!

Listing and selling real estate is all about real estate marketing. In order to sell buildings, hotels, condos, apartments and luxury homes (and find clients who are ready to list), you first have to make your services known. That means high-quality photos, clear video tours, detailed home specs, and more. By getting your content in front of the right customers, you can list, help buy and sell more luxury homes every single day.

That’s where we come in! Plush Marketing has nearly 20 years of experience with video production, website design, and more. No matter what your marketing goals might be, whether you’re a single agent or growing firm, we will help you present your real estate services and target your clients.

Add Value with Real Estate Video Marketing

Show potential clients you mean business with high-quality video.

  • Why video? Introductory videos tell your back-story, they connect with customers, and increase your sales. Clients want to know who they are working with; get personal with a heartfelt clip!
  • Find and convert leads. Hosting a video on your website increases signup conversions by more than 75% in the real estate industry. Put yourself ahead of the competition with video!
  • Find relevant traffic. We follow Google’s guidelines to help real estate searchers find you. Search engines “reward” video hosts with higher rankings!

Our Video Marketing Puts You On The Map!

Types of Real Estate Marketing Videos

  • Portfolio Videos: share your story – and your properties – with potential investors; get them to buy-in by presenting through a high-quality visual explanation.
  • Selling/Leasing Videos: Share intricate detail to luxury homes and offices with a video tour. With a polished production, you will increase leads by offering this insider look.
  • Social Media Exposure: Create and share viral videos on all your social media channels. Give your services widespread exposure through the power of online sharing!
  • Animation Videos: Walk first-time commercial buyers through the real estate experience with an educational video about your business.

Marketing Your Real Estate Service Online

Small Business Marketing Responsive Website Design

Real Estate Internet Marketing Services

We’ll walk you through every step of the digital marketing process and offer our expertise; your goal is our vision.

  • Website and web design services
  • Directory listing
  • Review management

We have the experience, the know-how, and the drive to make your mission a success. Don’t overlook the importance of sharing all you have to offer. A great approach at marketing will help others learn who you are and what you can do – all while driving new business.

Step up your sales game and real estate brand with Internet marketing.

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