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Are you tired of inconsistent marketing for your restaurant? The key to restaurant marketing is not only being able to reach your guests, but engaging with them by creating an authentic online experience that leads them right to your door!

Getting more potential customers to find your restaurant online is just the first step in a successful Internet marketing campaign. Today, you need to grab their attention and provide an experience.

Our digital marketing techniques provide a competitive advantage for your restaurant to grow and thrive!

Food Photography

Potential customers are more likely to try your restaurant if they see visually appealing images and videos of your delicious food and beverage offerings.

PLUSH can virtually bring your restaurant to life. We can capture your menu and the ambience of your restaurant with a photo shoot or video production at your location.

We can provide you with digital images to use in your marketing campaign and we can even take this work off your plate by executing your marketing plan for you.

Restaurant Photography of Masala Enchiladas at a Mexican Restaurant in Northern Virginia Fairfax County Oakton VA

Feeling hungry, right? Order up!

Food images are the most popular content shared on social media platforms.

Besides reviews, images are one of the top two deciding factors when people visit restaurants or search for a place to dine online.

Great restaurant photography can increase the number of customers by simply cataloging mouthwatering images of each menu item.

Restaurant Videography

If a picture is worth a thousand words then imagine what video can do! Next on the menu for our restaurant marketing clients is video marketing. Our team of digital media producers will come out to your location to capture video content that can be used to introduce your brand to potential new customers and can be repurposed into valuable social media content. With so many online platforms to deliver your content on these days, you can rest assured that our team will capture video that can be edited for all the various aspect ratios that social media sites require.

Mama Tigre

Del Sur Cafe

Mosaic Cuisine

Pollo Central

Above are some samples of recent restaurant videos we have produced for various restaurants in the Maryland, Washington DC and Northern Virginia area. Interested in learn more about video for restaurants, contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our content creators.

Web Design

The majority of potential customers start their interaction with restaurants online. It is essential that your website highlights the menu, provides accurate information as well as convey the look and feel of your restaurant.

Mamma Lucia Website Design

Make it ‘on the fly’: The design of your website must be easy to navigate and allow people to quickly see mouth-watering images that showcase your menu.

Make it an ‘upsell’:  A well designed website should be viewed as a profit center with online ordering, gift cards and merchandise sales generating money for your restaurant constantly. Having the ability to book private events and order catering can also be a great way to generate income.

Fire the order: Your website allows you to update and most importantly control this information. It also provides a way to share new restaurant specials and updates.

The amount of care you put into your restaurant should be represented in your website! Provide your restaurant the opportunity to convert first time viewers, into repeat customers by delivering an awesome experience online.

Google Ads

For our restaurant clients who are looking to reach new customers immediately, we recommend investing in Google Ads. Google ads allow you to reach your specific audience, track that data on who is viewing your ads and ultimately see the return on your investment.

Baja Taco Banner Google Display Ad

Meet Your Customer Where They Are!

Today’s customers are finding new restaurants, bars and lounges to visit on numerous online and offline marketing channels. With the new Google Performance Max campaign, we can now reach your new potential customers across the entire advertising landscape. Our team will create advertisements for your restaurant that will reach potential new customers on YouTube, Google Search, Gmail, Maps, Mobile Apps and other websites that show advertisements.

Social Media Advertising

Social media is one of the fastest ways to gain visibility with potential customers in your area.

By creating engaging social media posts and targeting your audience with the right advertising strategy, we can attract new customers to your business.

Create Community through Facebook

Facebook is simply TOO BIG to ignore as part of your restaurant’s marketing strategy. Facebook advertisements make it easy to target your audience by interest, demographics and location. Our Facebook marketing team will create ads for menu items, specials, events and overall will increase engagement on your Facebook posts.

Restaurant Marketing Facebook Ad

Create Community through Instagram

Instagram and restaurants go hand and hand with a visual platform that was made for food pics! Instagram is not just for young people anymore. In fact we have seen a large increase in people over 35 using Instagram. Owned by Facebook, advertising with Instagram is easy to incorporate with your Facebook ad campaign.

Make your brand relatable with Instagram stories and reach your local audience. Stories make it easy to provide your customers an inside look into your restaurant and keep them engaged.

Learn how you can increase customers through Instagram and why stories will be a key part to your social media strategy.

Advertising on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram can be much more affordable than other campaigns. Additionally, pairing amazing images and/or videos with text in a sponsored ad, is much more likely to attract the attention of your customers online.

Both Facebook and Instagram allow you to create custom audiences too. This means you can focus granularly by choosing to advertise to only people who engage with your FB/IG pages, website and email list OR you can cast a wider net choosing to advertise to anyone within a certain amount of miles from your restaurant’s address.

PLUSH Restaurant Service Menu

Content Creation

Our team comes out to your restaurant to capture delicious engaging photos and videos of your menu items, specials, team members as well as ambience shots.

Social Media Marketing

We use the photos and videos we capture or content that you provide to create engaging social media posts. Our designers and editors take your posts to the next level with our post-production expertise.

Online Advertising

Our team can reach a new audience to introduce them to your restaurant with social media advertising and Google ads. We use custom targeting techniques to reach potential customers in and near your location that are actively searching for the food you make.

Website Design

We help restaurants brand their restaurant online with a strategically designed website. Our designers will develop a look and feel that accurately represents your brand as well as make sure your customers find the information they need, in a user friendly way.
Restaurant Marketing Clients
Pizza Restaurant Logo
Restaurant Client 8
Restaurant Client 5
Restaurant Client 2
Teddy and The Bully Logo
Restaurant Client 3
Mosaic Logo
Pollo Logo
Lincoln Logo
Chacho Logo
Bar Tavern Logo
Bakery Logo
Mexican Restaurant Logo
Chinese Restaurant Logo
Southern Cooking Restaurant
Casa Logo

Let’s Discuss Your Digital Marketing Goals!

Find out how we can manage and simplify your restaurant marketing, to provide you more time doing what you do best! Our marketing team will organize your current marketing, increase your customer reach and maximize your current marketing channels. Our restaurant clients love how easily accessible we are day or night. Let’s start a conversation, and build a marketing strategy you can be proud of!

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