Our Local SEO Services

Google My Business

Every local SEO strategy starts with a Google My Business listing. Optimizing your GMB page is essential for Google local search pack rankings and showing up on page 1 in Google Maps.

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Online Business Listings

Listing your business consistently across many of the top reputable online directories provides a trustworthiness that Google looks for when ranking websites in the local search pack.

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Local Link Building

Acquiring local links in and around your city that link to your website are important indicators to the search engines that your business should rank in the top local search results.

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Review Management

One of the most important local indicators to search engines are customer reviews.  Google can tell a lot about the quality and trustworthiness of a business by what its customers are saying.

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Search Engine Optimization

On-page optimization for your website is important to a local SEO strategy.  By optimizing your website for local search, the search engines will be more inclined to rank your website high in the local search results.

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Video SEO

Video SEO, sometimes called video marketing or VSEO, is an additional way to get your content ranked higher on search engines like Google. Get ahead of the competition with this game changing technique for search engine optimization.

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Search engine optimization is essential for any business to compete online!

Why Do You Need Local SEO Services?

If you have a local business where your customers visit your location for goods and services, then our local SEO services are for you.  As the search engines evolve into highly sophisticated online directories, they are placing a big emphasis on local search results.

Local search is the present and the future.  While there is an increasing trend of people moving to e-commerce online, Google has clearly stated that online marketing for local business has increased dramatically because of mobile.  Mobile is no longer something that is on the horizon or that we are transitioning to at the moment – it’s here!

According to Google this year 90% of global sales will happen in stores instead of online.  If you think about it, most of the things we buy are local to the cities we live and work in.  The way we find the things we need has changed fundamentally but where we buy is the same.  We want to buy local from brands we know and trust!

Our mobile devices have bridged the physical and digital world, creating a tremendous opportunity for local brands to attract more customers to their business.  Your customers will start their search on their mobile device to find products and services that are in their local area.

This makes local SEO an absolute must for local businesses.  Having your company rank high in the local Google search pack (see image on the left) will increase your yearly revenue and overall conversions.

Three Stages Of Search Engine Optimization

On-Page Optimization

First, we start by optimizing your website for specific keywords related to your business as well as enhancing the technical foundation behind the scenes.

  • Keyword Research
  • Titles, Tags and Descriptions
  • Internal Linking
  • Crawl Error and Redirects

Off Page Optimization

Next we optimize your businesses information everywhere it exists online, manage your company reviews and acquire quality inbound links.

  • Google My Business (Google Listing)
  • Business Listings and Directories
  • Acquire and Manage Online Reviews
  • High Quality Inbound Links

Content Production

Finally we create quality content that engages your audience, targets new keywords and will grow your online presence.

  • Content Pages
  • Video Production
  • Blogging
  • Social Media

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Our experienced marketing team provides customized digital media strategies as well as a la carte marketing solutions. Contact us now to start build a winning online marketing strategy for your business!

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