Review Acquisition

Your best sales team are your previous customers.  Our review acuisition services help you to easily turn happy customers into 5-star reviews online.  We make it easy and simple to direct your customers to the site you want to have more reviews.

Relationship Management

Every business makes mistakes.  Our review management services help to recover upset customers before the leave a bad review with a simple follow up survey immediately after using your service.  This provides an opportunity to convert them in to a longterm customer.

Review Monitoring

Get notified when a new review is written about your business.  We monitor third party websites for new reviews with a comprehensive review monitoring system.  When a new review is written for your company, we will notify your to you can followup with a response to let your customers know you are actively listening.

Increase the number of reviews for your business with a simple conversion funnel that drives customers to review websites that your target audience uses for their initial research!

The Process: Customers Answer One Question

Drive previous customers through a custom built review funnel that is designed for simplicity and requires very less than 30-seconds for your customers to complete!

Our one questions survey simply asks customers “How would you rate your experience?”

If your customer rates 4-stars or higher, we automatically direct them to third party review websites where you would like to increase you number of reviews.  Pick from all the top websites like Yelp, YellowPages, Google, TripAdvisor and Angie’s List (to name a few) to acquire more reviews on all of your online business listings.

If you customer rates 3-stars or less, we automatically direct them to a follow up questionnaire to find out how there experience could have been better.  This provides another opportunity at creating a longterm customer by showing them you really care about their experience.

When reviews are written about your company, we will notify you via email so you can check out the review and follow up with your customer to show them that you care and you are genuinely interested in their feedback.

Then use the power of 5-Star Business Reviews by posting them directly to your website for new and existing customers to see.  Nothing makes a purchasing decision for a customer sitting on the fence easier than reading other happy reviews from a previous customer.

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Online reviews increase website conversions and contribute to your site’s overall search engine ranking within Google!

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