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There are many ways to draw internet users to your website. One way to do so is through video SEO. Video SEO, sometimes called video marketing or VSEO, is a way to get your content out to the world and have internet users see it. To truly understand what a powerful marketing technique video SEO is, you should know what this concept consists of, where you should post your video, and how video transcription can help.

What is Video SEO?

Video SEO is the process of optimizing videos to appeal to search engine traffic and rankings. This technique will bring internet users to your site, or any other website where you post your video, through the use of search engine optimization.

It’s important to use video SEO with your videos as this type of content shows up more easily via search engine results. Video content is also quite popular with internet users. This means the content is likely to be viewed once it’s posted and found through search engines. In addition, when you combine good video quality with the right SEO techniques, you’ll attract web traffic that’s likely to grow in number.

You can use video SEO methods by including certain keywords in the video title, description, and other accompanying content. When you use the right words, you’ll draw in your target audience and achieve the marketing results you crave.

Where You Should Upload Videos?

There are many spots online to post videos. But you must choose the right options. For example, you can post your videos on YouTube or Vimeo, but this may not draw people to your website. On the other hand, you can post videos directly on your website, but your website may not get as much traffic as YouTube or Vimeo. That is, unless you use video SEO to draw in the crowds.

Here’s how to decide where to post your videos: If you want to draw general attention to your company or brand, you’ll gain the most exposure from posting on high-traffic sites, like YouTube or Vimeo. In the alternative, if your main goal is selling products or services on your site, it’s best to post videos on your own server. Whichever option you choose, just make sure your video SEO is on point.

Additional Benefits of Video Transcriptions

You can accomplish video SEO tactics through video transcriptions. Here’s why video transcriptions are useful:

  • Video transcription can include SEO techniques
  • Internet users often prefer reading content to watching videos
  • You don’t need audio with video transcriptions which is useful if you’re at work, in a library, or at another location where your audio can’t be on
  • Readability is easy to achieve with video transcriptions and you can use this content on various platforms
  • Written content is often easier to remember than video content
  • This type of content is all inclusive which provides a way for hearing impaired individuals to gather the content information
  • Video transcriptions are easy to repurpose and use on multiple sites
    PLUSH Marketing offers video transcription services to help you achieve all these goals and more!
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