What Is WI-FI Marketing?

WIFI access is a hot commodity these days, especially in hospitality industry locations. Customers love going to their favorite coffee shop for free WIFI or accessing WIFI when shopping at a clothing or home goods store. Providing WIFI access to customers is a beneficial thing to do for a few different reasons. First, it makes a convenient item available to customers which they are sure to appreciate. But, did you know that you can also use this free WIFI access and turn it into a WIFI marketing technique as well?

Marketing with WIFI is an online marketing strategy where restaurants and businesses provide free WIFI access to customers and they can use the internet access at the restaurant or store when they are at the location. Rather than require an access code to use the WIFI, the establishment can request an email address to be entered first. That email address can be used at a later time for communications by the business to the individual. It also include video ads, social WIFI, and survey emails.

How Marketing With WIFI Works


With WIFI marketing, the customer must complete a simple task before being able to log on to the free WIFI. If the customer has to enter an email address, the business can use that email address to maintain contact with the customer in the future by sending emails on current restaurant specials or emailing coupons. The email address can also be used to send out a survey to the customer after their visit for customer satisfaction purposes.

Video Ads

Marketing with WIFI also includes video ads that the business posts on the initial WIFI access page. To gain access to the free WIFI the customer must first watch the ads. These can be ads for daily specials or upcoming events at the restaurant or other business. Video ads often leave a memorable impression on customers who see them and work well as a WIFI marketing tactic.

Social WIFI

An additional way to market your business via WIFI access is to use social WIFI access. When you request that the customer login to your WIFI by using their social media accounts, you will have the customers’ contact information. This contact information can be used for future correspondence and marketing means.

Why Restaurants Should Use WIFI In Your Marketing Strategy

Restaurants, in particular, should be actively using WIFI marketing tactics. With the fierce competition that exists within this industry, it’s imperative to have the right online tools at your fingertips for your restaurant marketing strategy. Customers who use your WIFI know that they must enter certain information to gain WIFI access. They also know that the contact information will be used by your restaurant in the future to inform them of upcoming dining specials, events, dining savings, and more.

Marketing with WIFI is an easy tool to pursue and provides you with a method to reach out to prior customers and keep your restaurant name fresh on their minds.

We Can Take Your Marketing With WIFI To The New Level

When you entrust your WIFI marketing needs to PLUSH Marketing, rest assured that this professional team will get the job done right and help you realize all of your online marketing goals. From email marketing to video ads, PLUSH Marketing will create a marketing campaign to take your restaurant or other business to all new heights.

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