The Importance of Google My Business

As a business owner, you want to market your company in the best possible way. There are many methods for doing so, including using search engine optimization (SEO) and taking advantage of Google My Business (GMB) opportunities. If you want to use Google My Business strategies to improve the reach of your business, there are ways to make this experience as successful as possible. And you should use Google My Business because it’s an important marketing tool that works!

Why Is Google My Business Important?

Google My Business is important because it draws in potential clients who are in your general vicinity and not located across the globe. You can use this free listing to manage your presence on Google Maps and Google Search. And since many people use Google as their go-to search engine (2.5 trillion searches worldwide in 2020!), you can see how effective a Google-based technique may be.

How Does Google My Business Work?

When you want to list your company on Google My Business, you visit the Google site and fill out the information. Once your Google My Business listing is live, customers can find your listing and get the information they need regarding your business. In turn, your potential customer who sees this information may turn into an actual customer. Best of all, there’s little work and expense on your part to set up a Google My Business listing.

How Google algorithms are set up is largely unknown. However, there are certain signals that Google uses to evaluate and rank businesses. Here are five potential top reasons as to how Google may rank businesses:

  1. Primary Google My Business category
  2. Keywords in the business title
  3. Location proximity between the consumer and business
  4. Physical address
  5. Additional categories

What Should My Content Include?

When you’re ready to get your Google My Business listing rolling, consider the following:

  • Primary GMB category: If you want to rank high in this area, carefully select your primary business category and be as specific as possible with your designation.
  • Keywords: Choose specific and general keywords for your listing so you cover all aspects.
  • Location: Detail your location and hope that you’re in close proximity to the individual who is looking for your business products or services.
  • Physical address: Put down your exact physical address when creating your listing.
  • Additional categories: If your business falls within certain sub-categories, make sure you include those with your listing, too.

Creating the Best Google My Business Listing Leads to Results

When you use Google My Business to attract customers, you are marketing in an excellent way likely to produce the best possible results. Just make sure you follow the tips above when creating your GMB listing so your business information meets the potential Google algorithms and draws in the clientele.

NAP Optimization

One of the biggest keys to local SEO marketing is to consistently have your business name, address and phone number (also known as NAP) consistent across the web.

Image Management

We optimize your images to make sure your brand is represented at its best. We edit all images to the exact specifications that is required for Google My Business.

Optimize Profile

Our profile optimization will include a profession business introduction, hours of operation, special holiday hours and identifying the best category for your company.

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