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Inform Viewers With Medical Video Production

Our Medical video production services have increased dramatically over the last few years. Hospitals, doctors offices, dentists, clinics, pharmaceutical and bio technology companies see the value in using video. Our videographers have helped create healthcare training videos, B2B/B2C sales videos and medical how-to videos. Below is more information about how those in the healthcare industry can partner with PLUSH, to create effective videos to help their bottom line.

Types Of Medical Video Production

Surgery Videos

Recently well known hospitals in the Washington DC and Baltimore metro area have contracted us to film videos of surgeries for the use of training new doctors. The videos highlight expert doctors who have high level experience in specific surgeries. Our videographers scrub up to film high level training videos that help new doctors get up-to-speed. Surgery videos do require a strong stomach at times for those who don’t experience it everyday. We have experience with major surgeries as well as shooting video with cadavers.

New Medicine and Medical Devices

How To videos are extremely popular healthcare video production services for pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies. When bringing a new medicine or medical device to market, these companies will partner with us to create internal, B2B or B2C how to videos. Medical training video production provides an opportunity to show how a new medical device should be used or directions for using a new medicine. This also provides an opportunity to explain the benefits of these type of products.

About Medical Videos

Video is an engaging way to introduce new services your hospital, medical practice, dentist office or clinic is offering. Often there are great services that are available but the public is unaware that they exist. Using our medical video production services as a form of communication to raise awareness (in your local community) can be exceptionally beneficial.

Medical Animation Videos

There are times where it is not cost effective to shoot video and you don’t have the resources to explain a new medical service or product. For these cases we offer medical animation videos to convey the message to your audience. Animation allows us to create many different environments for your characters to interact in without having to setup multiple video production shoots with several actors.

Want More Info About Our Medical Video Services?

As video marketing continues to grow, it is no doubt the most preferred content to engage with online. We have been providing medical video production for some of the leading brands in this space. If you are interested to learn more about our healthcare video production services, then send us a message or call us at (202) 683-6881.

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