When the time comes to hire new team members for your company, you want to attract the best employees. In order for a potential employee to apply to your company, you must show them why they should work for you!

At Plush Marketing, we offer strategies to help you pull in the right potential employees to staff your company. One way you can do so is with our recruitment video production services.

Recruitment videos tell the story of your company and encourage your target audience to work for you! We’ll grab the finer details from you as to who your target audience is and then create a recruitment video that speaks directly to them.

Why You Need a Recruitment Video

The hiring process is competitive these days. There are many companies that want to fill open positions but can’t get as many applicants as they may like. Or they’re getting the applications in, but not receiving applications from the best applicants.

With a creative recruitment video, you can draw in applicants and ensure the applications you receive are from qualified candidates who are genuinely interested in working for your company.

Our Process

When you use our recruitment video production services, we’ll take the following steps:

  • Step 1: Understand your industry and the job role you’re looking to fill
  • Step 2: Pinpoint your target audience so the recruitment video will speak directly to them
  • Step 3: Determine any features you’d like the video to include
  • Step 4: Create the recruitment video
  • Step 5: Review the video with you and your team to ensure it fits your needs and ultimate vision
  • Step 6: Complete any revisions or additions to the video so it’s ready to go!

Our professional team knows the finer details regarding recruitment video production. We’ll take the video production process from start to finish and will always make your creative input a priority.

Contact the Plush Marketing team today at (202) 683-6881 to get started!

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